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Produced by The Silos. Recorded by Mario J McNulty at Looking Glass. Mixed by Dave McNair at Walnut Crescent. Recording Assistant: Rob Demar. Bonus tracks recorded by Don Piper at Between The Trains and Mixed by Rod Hohl at Harmony. Mastered by Andy Horn at The Red Room and Dave McNair at Unity Mastering NYC.

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“The Walter Camp Dinner has been a great opportunity to meet many of the players I watch regularly on Saturdays. Not only is it an opportunity to meet players, but also a great opportunity to have a lasting impact on younger kids in the community through various school and hospital visits.”

Winfried Menninghaus is Professor of German and Comparative Literature at the Free University Berlin. He has published extensively on German literature and particularly on Walter Benjamin. His most recent book is Hälfte des Lebens. Versuch über Hölderlins Poetik (2007).

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As Digital Moonscapes suggests, Wendy Carlos may have finally found peace. In the Greenwich Village loft that is her studio and is nicknamed by friends “the Spaceship,” Carlos is creating her next album, Catalyst, on an even more complex synthesizer. “What I’m doing now is very profound,” she says. “A lot of people who drop by get their socks knocked off. I’ve never done that to anybody before.” She is even planning to resume performing regularly in public. “It will be fun,” she says, “to get out into the open again.”

Walter had dinner with Moira and Mark Francis in order to sound her out about running against Sebastian Blood for the mayorship of Starling. He later visits her, encouraging her to run. He visits Moira again when she agrees to run, revealing that he knows Thea is not Robert's biological daughter. [11]

When you leave too many buds on the vine, the plant over produces and the Grapes are poor. After three or four years of production, you will need to remove every other spur cluster to prevent overcrowding. Try to leave spurs that are on the top of the arms.

Walter Carlos - Walter Carlos' Clockwork OrangeWalter Carlos - Walter Carlos' Clockwork OrangeWalter Carlos - Walter Carlos' Clockwork OrangeWalter Carlos - Walter Carlos' Clockwork Orange

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